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Copenhagen, 30th of July 2011

It's been six years since I founded WaldorfWide as a newly graduated Waldorf student. Six years ago it was all just a crazy idea in my head, but now it's seems I wasn't that crazy after all. The WaldorfWide house exchange network is doing better than ever with 200 Waldorf families registered whom are now swapping homes. I'm proud of helping to make that possible! As things are going now, I can only imagine the network grow in the coming years, for the benefit of the worldwide Waldorf community.
Things have changed since 2006 however. I'm devoting much of my time to studying journalism at the moment and this also means that I have less time to do other things, such as WaldorfWide. But that doesn't mean it's all going to stop. I still feel a strong urge to keep developing WaldorfWide in the future - but I will need your help. Maintaining a website like WaldorfWide isn't free, and as a student my means are very limited. So - if you're enjoying the WaldorfWide services and feel like helping me, WaldorfWide and the Waldorf community out, a donation would be very much appreciated. Any amount is welcome and most valued!
Simply click the donate button below, and that will take you to the PayPal website, where you can donate safely using creditcard or PayPal account.

Let's hope and help the WaldorfWide community to grow in the future.

Many cheers and thanks,

Elías Christian Lundström
Founder of WaldorfWide.com

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