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What is House Exchange?
House Exchange is actually about having a private, unconventional and intriguing holiday, away from all the tourist mess. The usual concerns about finding the cheapest travel company, (boring) hotels and on and on, is not present here. Imagine yourself packing your stuff, getting a plane and then arriving in a foreign country. Here you would live for a couple of weeks, in a lively house inhabitated by a family (now staying at your house) who normally lives where you are now having your holiday. You will be surprised how quick you'll learn to relax and enjoy the foreign country and your holiday from a down-to-earth perspective. It's like you get a 'sense' of that country in another way than you normally would by rushing through tourist crowded areas and hotels labelled "recommended by your guide", while sighing over the packed swimmingpool.

And the procedure is very simple: Look through the WaldorfWide House Exchange database, and when you find a house to your taste, make a contact with the other waldorffamily, and talk things over. It's always good ideá to get the other family better to know, so you all have some trust in each other, because in the end swapping houses is a very private thing - but once that is overcome the joys are many. After that you simply make an appointment, both families should sign the house exchange agreement form and send a copy to each other (for safety's sake), and then there's only a beatiful, relaxed and private holiday waiting for you.
In the end it's not that complicated - like a woman, very familiar with house exchange, once said to a danish newspaper: "You simply have to remind yourself that you are swapping keys".

So, with that said; have trust and enjoy the adventure - isn't reality often just a little bit more exciting than "a marvellous breakneck adventure to the most beautiful beaches on mother earth (probably packed with tourists)"?
If you have any concerns or other thoughts, do not hesitate to write houseexchange@waldorfwide.com right ahead.


  • Live in the local atmosphere, pretend you're at home, the other family are doing just the same.

  • No boring hotels (including very boring bills).

  • Only expense will be the travel back and forth, everything else is like at home.

  • Meet new people and get new friends who might open your eyes up in a new way. People are not the same all over the world.

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