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"Google Maps on House Exchange!" 13th June 2011
The House Exchange now features Google Maps! This means that you can browse through the Waldorf homes, and see if the houses are actually so close to the beach as they claim!
Apart from this cool thing, there's been a few tweaks here and there, that you might notice when you're surfing around. WaldorfWide is now by far the largest Waldorf house exchange database, with more than 150 homes ready for exchange - from all parts of the world - unlike other similar sites. And it's free - and I promise it will always stay that way.
Happy exchangin' this summer!
Cheers, Elias

"How things are going and what will happen next!" Sunday - 14th May 2006
People and schools have started to join both the student and house exchange! Many thanks goes to everybody who has welcomed the project so warmly, stuff like that means a lot!
Now what will happen next?
First of all I have started working with another (now finished) waldorf student, Carmen Lescher, with whom I am doing a lot of things on the student exchange.
What you will see coming next is more detailed information about the schools, student formulas for students applying to schools and last but not least: a fund which will give economic aid to those exchange students who gets to a school which has higher tuition fees than his/her original school (and believe me, these fees vary A LOT depending on the country).
All this will come around the summer holidays when it's been fully worked out, so no exact dates yet.

Now, this is what I have to say for now. Enjoy this thing called summer which gets us all right now. Alternatively try doing House Exchange?
Well met! - Elias

"WaldorfWide is up!" Friday - 10th February 2006
Offering all waldorfpeople with the happy chance to get out in the world, another way than usual. Exchange houses with another family in your next holiday, or as a student you could choose to study for some months abroad, or maybe an English course would be the thing?
WaldorfWide is what everybody makes it - if you want to help developing the project you mustn't hesitate but send an e-mail this minute.
Additionally, you can review WaldorfWide on e.Links to help it grow.
Want to study at a Waldorf school abroad? -Alrighty!