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A big thanks goes to first of all, my dear family who put up with me through the making of WaldorfWide (and all the other times as well).
Thereafter many thanks to my friends, especially those who was giving me feedback on my work - Jakob, Bue, Maja and Pernille, love ya.
Christian Frankel and Niels Thomsen deserves a very special thanks for getting my ideás in the right directions in all aspects of the making of a company.
Also thanks to: Ingrid Sørensen (my supervisor), Lisbeth Spurr, Henrik Prahl, Victor Toso (for getting me into practical marketing) and a lot more...

My translators and proofreaders also have my warmest thanks: Ingrid Sørensen, Stephen Labella, Olaf Nybo, Jean-Paul Bardou and Johanna Skjerbæk.

Picture on the front page and in the top of the house-exchange section is from Amsterdam and taken by Erik Henne (www.erikhenne.com).

Students on Student Exchange are my classmates (from left to right) Kirstine, Bue and Fia - thanks for coming up with these funny facial expressions.
Want to study at a Waldorf school abroad? -Alrighty!