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The ideá behind WaldorfWide was conceived in late winter 2005, when I was eating a lunch with some friends, and they told me about the concept of house exchange.
They had tried to swap houses with another waldorffamily from somewhere else in Europe, using the old Waldorf House Exchange (entirely paperwork - no internet!), but since there had been too much administrational work for the manager of the house exchange, she chose to stop it.

I thought a bit over that, and came up with the ideá to do something about that problem. I've had some experience with making websites, so I could combine my abilities with that, with the knowledge I had about the Waldorfschool (I have been a waldorfstudent all the way from kindergarten to 12th grade, believe it or not), and make some kind of waldorf exchange website.

Two weeks later I chose the subject for my one-year assignment (the big "exam" assignment), and it was: "...to create a company".
With this assignment I would go through all of the phases in making a company; finding a business ideá, making a business plan, and so further, and now I have just finished (or more like: just started) the project.
My process has been very long and complicated, so it's too extensive to write fully about here, but here's a quick resume of the development of WaldorfWide.

As a student there's really one thing you think of: what's after school, and what's the thing with the world outside?
I came up with the name WaldorfWide quite fast (I am very happy about that), and I think it pretty much describes what WaldorfWide is - a waldorf network (hence wide) - house exchange, and student exchange. Actually it's really simple; you want to get out in the world, but don't always know how - WaldorfWide, I think, is simply an accumulation of waldorfpeople, schools and initiatives - and in itself nothing more.
The ideá is that everybody (hopefully) will help shape WaldorfWide into something that we all can have use for, and that's also why I keep urging you to get in contact if you have any suggestions for the development of WaldorfWide, of any kind!

-Elias Lundström, danish waldorfstudent, founder of WaldorfWide

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