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Legal Disclaimer
WaldorfWide does not take responsibility for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of its website in any respect. WaldorfWide does not take responsibility for any of the user-submitted content on its website. User submitted content includes all house-exchange residences, user-information, school information and other student exchange information from any of the hosted/external partners, (e.g., but not limited to, the EFL courses etc.) Any agreements or contracts formed by the members and/or visitors of WaldorfWide is entirely a matter between the involved parties, and not WaldorfWide. WaldorfWide's only responsibility is to facilitate the user-submitted content between its members. Should any of the user-submitted content be found to be exaggerated in a way that is misleading or otherwise comes into conflict with WaldorfWide's Terms of Use, danish law or is found to be out of context, WaldorfWide reserves the right to remove that information at any time without refund. As a member of WaldorfWide you confirm that all the information you submit is genuine and doesn't conflict with existing danish legislations, and that WaldorfWide may, at any time, remove misleading information. Furthermore you accept that WaldorfWide cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect or other damages whatsoever, regardless the claim.

Member responsibility
All members of WaldorfWide must have a direct connection to a waldorfschool, waldorfkindergarten or other authorized waldorforganisation to be a valid member. By direct connection implies that the person involved are in direct contact with the respective waldorforganisation, ex. as a teacher, student, parent, trainee etc (including ex-teacher and ex-student). As example (but not limitation) an acqaintance to a waldorfteacher may not join WaldorfWide, since he/she is not directly involved with the waldorfschool. WaldorfWide relies upon the goodwill of its members, and encourage them to keep a polite tone, participate, be honest and trust each other.

Privacy policy
WaldorfWide collects, retains and uses information about all members throught it's website, to provide them with the requested services. WaldorfWide does not pass any personal information on to third-parties, nor do we collect any personally identifiable information except when you provide it on a voluntary basis (for example during the registration process). WaldorfWide reserves the right to use uploaded house-exchange images for advertizing means. User-uploaded images can only be used for advertisement in explicit relation to the House-Exchange programme, and will not be published to or shared with any third parties. When applying as a member you can choose to make your name and phone numbers public to other members, and by doing so you accept that any member of WaldorfWide may contact you in one of the chosen ways. Your e-mail and nationality will always remain public to other members. Apart from that WaldorfWide doesn't provide any personal information to anyone (unless Danish law requires it). All information submitted and retained on house-exchange properties, waldorfschools etc. will be published on WaldorfWide.com.

WaldorfWide's Terms of Use applies in accordance with Danish law. All parties agree that the courts of Denmark has exclusive jurisdiction to settle any controversies which may arise with the use of WaldorfWide.com.

WaldorfWide keeps the exclusive right to use and maintain the information submitted by its members on its own website. Neither parts of the content on WaldorfWide.com may be copied, reproduced, stored, transmitted or published in any form or any language, by any means without prior explicit permission of WaldorfWide.

Ethical guidelines
Since WaldorfWide depends on the participation, trust and honesty of as many as possible, I have set a pair ethical guidelines which every member should read and try to follow.

-First realise that WaldorfWide relies entirely upon the members. No members no WaldorfWide.

-If all people come only to see what houses other people have listed, all efforts will be fruitless. The best way to get out in the world is to add your own house at once, and not just waiting for others to do so. This is the universal rule of getting things to work (unfortunately only a few people seem to realise this).

-Keep in mind that your concerns when exchanging houses not just belong to you; there is a person or family in the other end having just the same thoughts.

-WaldorfWide is a project intentioned to help waldorfpeople abroad to get out in the world (something a lot of us do far too little) but it is a voluntary project (only managed by me at the moment), so it needs all the help it can get. If you have an ideá, dont just sit there and wait, but send a mail right away!

-Else I have nothing to say other than "get out, the world awaits".

-Elias Lundström, director of WaldorfWide.

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